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Three methods to reach Alpha Centauri that don’t require wormholes or warp drive

Breakthrough Starshot aims to one day send probes to Alpha Centauri…but what if humans wanted to go there, too? | Image: Planetary Habitability Laboratory/University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo

Spacers in combat simulation training…a lot different from the real thing | Source: Daniel Bechennec

Tracers at night…as they say, incoming fire is never friendly | Source:

A typical forward operating base layout during the second Timespace War | Image: Zdenek Sasek

A map of the solar neighborhood out to 250 ly (approx. 77 parsecs) | Source: An Atlas of the Universe

Nick Oakes

Your source for snippets from the author’s ongoing sci-fi projects and information relating to the real-world science and technology that influences them

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